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Tech Data - Online Reseller program TDEngage

Being a leading Distributor in IT peripherals in the world, Tech Data came looking for a way to improve their contribution to their dealers and vendors alike. Prerequisites for a solution were scalability, the ability to work with a large number of different vendors, and dealers should be able to have a customized online catalogue with shop functionality. Moreover, the solution should provide a care-free solutions to facilitate online dealer profitability.


Willard Bros. has been a well-known national wholesaler of home textiles in the Netherlands for years. With an extensive range of carpets, curtains and haberdashery, Willard Bros. aims to provide optimal support and advice to professional home decorators. However, the product range wasn't available at the product level on most dealer websites. Dealers indicated the investments associated with building and maintaining an online catalogue discouraged them from offering full product information, let alone a tempting call-to-action, on their individual websites. Willard Bros. started looking for a solution to simultaneously serve consumers with full product information on dealer websites, generate leads through a call-to-action and offer vendors the opportunity to present themselves at the dealer level with marketing and value information.