Through Channel Ecommerce & content syndication

Communicate through the Channel by offering your resellers the right support.
Take the hard work out of Ecommerce and centralise content management.

An Ecommerce solution for your channel

Support your channel partners by offering all your products in a comprehensive ecommerce solution. Take the hard work out of ecommerce manage all the products centrally and give your Channel partners full control over the look and feel pricing and what they want to show.

Support your channel with marketing syndication

Make it easy for your channel partners to represent your brand. Offer all marketing materials in 1 easy to use Microsite or banner campaign. Manage centrally used locally. Resellers are automatically updated when you make a change centrally.

Best of Both

Add innovative online marketing tools combined with the power of ecommerce.

360 Virtual Rooms

Configurators help your customer pick the right products

Vendor Microsites including ecommerce